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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Three and Five probably interfere with each other...

1. I am a straight girl but got eaten out by a girl just for the experience. I prefer boys.

2. I am 15 nearly 16 & i am a virgin and proud.

3. I have a smelly vagina and don't know why. However hard i try to keep it clean, it always smells.

4. I am afraid of the unknown & dark

5. i love being fingered & eaten out but dislike giving head.


  1. On #3 -- It's probably bacterial vaginitis. Easy home remedy: Buy some plain yogurt and a turkey baster, whisk the yogurt together with two parts yogurt, and give yourself a douche. If that doesn't work you'll probably have to go to a doctor.

  2. err two parts WATER that is :)


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