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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anaconda curse

ok first i have to give kudos to the admin "k", you keep saying you're just a chick with a website but to lots of people you kinda like a digital confession box as you will, and its amazing that for a lot of people that is all they need...

  if your ever in utah i would love to buy you a beer ;) since my friend told me about this app as kind of a gag app i have been more and more curious and now i seem to check it as much as my facebook lol, with saying that i feel like its my duty to post MY secrets....P.S im going to donate also and i hope others do and will, after all im just a dude with a website as well ;)

1) when i was 13 or so i was looking at a playboy (as we all did) and saw an add in there for "male enhancement" pills, so i thought that maybe that would get me all the girls because thats what they all want right? so i thought, well needless to say i ordered them and took them religiously for about two years, well needless to say my little guy grew and grew...AND GREW! at about 17 im packing a damn anaconda and was a little freaked, now im not sure if the pills were a placebo or if thats just me but its now haunts me forever, word got out in high school that my cock was huge and i was the freakshow (kinda) but ALL the girls had to see it and the rule was that you gotta suck it to see it, well...they DID!! but they all would never have sex with me because theye were too damn afraid to get ripped, im a damn good lookin guy if i do say so myself but could not get a girlfriend because i was the guy with the huge cock!!

2)moving on with the cock deal... my ex was the love of my life! dated 4 years was talking about marrage but she told her mom (SUPER MILF) about my "anaconda" and she kept asking to see it, i would never show her thats just weird, well camping one time and a bottle of jager later i pass out watching the stars to wake up with her FULL BLOWN balls deep riding me HARD! i freaked and knew this was it, well shouldnt stop a good thing so i rolled over and let her have it! she almost went into siezures from orgasiming so hard, well needless to say i told my love what happened and her mom tried to kill herself and we had to go our own ways....tragic (curse of the anaconda)

3) im almost 30 now and have dated bombshells my whole dating life, well lemme tell ya sometimes beauty is VERY ugly, i think im going to find "well try" a girl that is way cool and NOT super hot! the whole "im fat and dont look at my fat body" crap as to stop! your almost a damn super model and your saying this GET PUNKED! im a very nice guy that owns a business and of course the damn anaconda curse im damn well could make a girl super happy but im going for someone else not damn super hot! you stuck up bitches!!

4)i secretly would LOVE to get withe a young girl (like 18-22 sickos) that thinks shes all that and can handle any one and knock the bottom out of her i would rail her so hard she would be bull legged for a week "is that weird"

5)my current girl i think im gonna ditch because i have tried to do everything for her to get a little contact in return, i hang on her every word and listen so well, i have a good friend thats a marriage counselor and women work off emotions and guys work off contact FACT, i havent been layed in almost two months! she says it hurts, all i want is a little head, well i dont do drugs just booze and a little weed but i have done a little coke and i keep some to rub on her clit and on my head so it numbs us both and we can actually have sex and we both dont get off in 5 seconds (by the way im good for hours after the first one ;) ) but she gets off with just a wiggle, thats my whole deal, all these women out there complain about a two pump chump guy well shit they start as soon as im in and continue to origasim solid, 5 min of that and their always done even with the coke!! so all you guys who think bigger is better WRONG im a freak! (but its kinda cool)

bonus) to all of you who talk about suicide thats wrong!! my sister took her life and everyone still hurts every day, trust me you never want to do that to your tribe, and for all of you who think the world shits on you, remember everything happens for a reason! for every bad thing there is an equally good thing awaiting around the corner ;) again thanx "K" you rock!

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  1. Omgee
    If I knew u
    Id be on that like crazy
    How about we hook up


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