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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maximum speed

1. Well, ill be 14 on the 23rd of this month. Just 21-22 days! Yeah, I'm pretty young, but already so invovled.
2. I started watching porn when I was 9 or 10. I was supposed to be doing a report on someone for black history month, instead I found I didn't know what got into me, but I began feeling like I had to pee! Then the 2nd time, I was caught. I was in my parents bed, watching playboy on demand! My mom thought I was odd after that..I remember I felt like I really had to pee after watching it. It was so hott!
3. My friend, N, told me what masturbation was when I was 11. First, I started using vibrating toothbrushes, until one day I found my moms vibrator. I had found her previous vibrator when I was 8, hidden as always. This time, I used it. I pulled it out of her wardrobe when she was in the shower,(I believe It was a purple rabbit vibe.) And I used it on maximum speed. I literally had the most intense orgasm, so quickly!
4. One day I let my dogs eat me out. I put peanut butter on my pussy, and sat spread out. I didn't cum, so I went into my shower, cleaned off, and used my removable showerhead. My showerhead, I have to admit is better than a vibrator. :) and whenever I'm in the shower, masturbating, I always want to be caught. I find it more exciting when people know I'm playing, so I moan loudly. ;) especially when company is over.
5. I always imagine my (non blood related) older cousin I, walking in on me masturbating, or changing, and he gets hard so I fuck him. I want to sooooo badly, even if he's a little chunky.

Bonus: I really would like to meet Cougar, and the other girls with lesbian fantasies! I'm up for it. ;) I looooove eating pussy.

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