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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pure as the driven snow

;;I'm only 14 and my besst friend calles me the virgin slut. I've never had sex but I've givin blow jobs to all sorts of men.  Gave my math teacher a bj so he wouldn't fail me. I love dick. I also love pussy. Girls turn me on more than guys do. 

;;Some days I wish I had a dick so someone could give me a blowjob.

;;I've always wanted to have sex with a cop. 

;;the only reason I'm still a virgin is because I'm scares to lose my purity.

;; there is only one guy I think I havee truely loved. He's the only guy I'm shy around, and the only guy I've ever been scared to talk to. He lives near me and since I'm moving soon,I'm thinking about telling him how I feel right before I leave. . . To save myself from emberrasment.

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  1. ;; This behavior will only cause you to be codependent on men. You should never rely on men to make you happy or give you the things you want. Also if you keep doing these kinds of things then you will eventually lose all self worth that you have.
    ;; I have always wondered what it would be like to have a dick. I don't want to have one permanently but just for a day. I don't want a strap on either. I want to be able to feel every sensation. Oh well, I am a girl and that's what I will continue to be.
    ;; I am married to a cop. They are just like any other man. You have some good ones and some bad ones but as far as sex they are pretty much like your average guy. Nothing super special about their sexual abilities. If you actually find one to have sex with you then they should be buried under the jail. Maybe when you reach 18 if you still have that fantasy you will find you a cop so you can get it out of your system.
    ;; You shouldn't just be scared to lose your purity you should be happy you still have that. Keep it for as long as you can. Make sure that the first time is special. Not just with some random guy. It will mean so much more to you further down the road.
    ;; You are still young. There will be plenty of guys for you to interact with at your new place. You shouldn't be ready to rush into anything serious anyways. You are only 14. Enjoy spending time with your friends. However, if your feelings are really strong for this guy then tell him. You can always keep in contact and visit occassionally.


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