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Thursday, October 28, 2010

May December Fantasies

1. I am attracted to older men. I have been since I was 15. There's something sexy about a man starting to grey.

2. The man who started this attraction was 32 when he ate my 16 year old pussy. I was a virgin, though, and wouldn't let him take my innocence completely. He was understanding.

3. At times I still feel like a virgin because I've only been with my husband, who was also a virgin. I have fantasies about what an older, more experienced man could
teach me.

4. I'd rather give my husband a blow job than have sex with him. I actually enjoy cock sucking and think I'm pretty good at it. He thinks he's lucky because I give head all the time, but really I'm just avoiding boring sex.

5. I was turned on reading digital media mans post. He inspired me to write to this. I wonder if 25 is too old for his fantasy???

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation:straight

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  1. 25 yo would be just fine!
    but I live in Britain not the US :(


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