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Friday, February 25, 2011

Honesty and cruelty are different things

1) I accidently knocked my buddies ipod into a cup of water with smoked cigarettes.. I feel like such a terrible friend.

2) I have a crush on the bank teller at my bank.. she's really sexy and nice, funny... I think I like her to the point that I just go to the bank just so I can see her and talk to her... thing is she's married....

3) one time I sneezed and pooped my pants and then called my buddy because I was in tears from laughing at myself.

4) I wish that I could find a girl that was available.. I'm done with these fucking SLUTS.. instead of buying a blowjob why don't you buy yourself some self respect.. I think I've come to the point that I would really like a girl with a brain and a future.. and I want to carry on conversations without her puttin herself on her back for me.

5) I'm not going to lie... I've lost respect for a lot of women these days... I know I must sound like a douche but its how I feel.. I wish I could find someone but sometimes I think I'm too honest to be in a relationship.... advice please.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. I myself think that if i wasnt in a very serious relationship i would try as hard as i could to find you and show you that not all women are like that. I have obly slept with one person and it is the guy that i am currently with. I plan to marry him as soon as i graduate from college. I am an extremely good judge of character and i can tell that u are an amazing person. Any girl would be lucky to call themselves yours. I wish u nothing but luck and dont try so hard. Its when i stopped looking that i found love.


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