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Sunday, March 13, 2011

No orgasms for anyone

I've just spent the last hour giving my husband constant BJs and handjobs. He didn't cum. I would get him to it but he never went. I feel like a failure.

I've been doing this since we started dating and all of his cumming orgasms were self-finished. I've increased in my skill and techiques but....nothing.

We can have amazing sex. I've never orgasmed. When he asks me how many times I went, I base it off of a scale of how good it felt.

That^ is why I am currently depressed and turned off to anything sexual at the moment. Him cumming means everything to me in our sex relationship. The fact that I, personally, cannot make my husband go drives my self-confidence down low.

I always feel as if him watching porn or even someone else could do it. I get jealous everytime he jacks off in front of me or uses me besides my vagina. I hate that I can't sexually pleasure my husband to the full extent. I'm scared he'll find someone behind my back when he gets tired of me failing. I'm scared I'll lose the love of my life for this reason. Because of that, its why I'm depressed and teary....

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

[Don't let this ruin your marriage. I have been in similar situations myself and it is incredibly frustrating and depressing. If you haven't already, consider seeing a sex therapist, or at the least start reading up on difficulty with orgasm. There are all kinds of techniques that can help you ease into it and take the pressure off. If you two have gotten all the way to married without it happening for either of you, there are probably some big mental blocks standing in your way that will take time to overcome, but if you are both willing to keep working on it you can get past this. Don't feel bad about yourself, I'm sure that he's just as frustrated as you are and it has NOTHING to do with your technique or his level of attraction to you -- it's probably something he's experienced with most, if not all of his other partners. Good luck.

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