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Monday, March 19, 2012


Someone left an anonymous comment on one of the posts asking me to update the site because they felt that their secrets were too obvious and they might be found out, but they didn't say which secrets were theirs. I am no longer accepting submissions for the site and don't plan on updating it any time soon, so if whoever left this comment sends me an email to admin /at/ and tells me the title of the post I will be happy to delete it for them. It may be the post that they left the comment on, but I'm not sure and I'm also not sure if they would actually want the secrets deleted knowing that's the only option.



  1. I need your site. It's so sad to see it go. I guess it's off to cavecanum for me :(..

  2. I'm sorry you're disappointed. It's funny, as soon as I decided, for sure, that I wasn't going to update it any more, I started thinking about updating it again. Maybe I will. I make no promises.

    However, if you're wondering what I've been up to. I do still update my other blog once in a while. Lately I've been trying to post things that let me write more (which is what I really love to do) while at the same time still trying to help people. Check it out here:


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