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One of the more interesting posts of the day

1: I'm a miserable idiot.
My social skills are horrendous. I can't hold one measly conversation without saying something incredibly stupid. I don't go to public school. I haven't for seven years! So you can see how that happened can't you?

2: This one might actually be the most pathetic.
I'm afraid of God. I said it! Phew! That's great to get off my chest. But really, consider this. They're are hideous demons lurking in your room right now. What's keeping them at bay is an angel. Cute huh? Not quite. Angels have six wings, stand impossibly tall, may have the head of an animal, wheels for legs, and billions of unblinking eyes focused on you. Right now. Don't believe me? Bible says some do.
Ok, now consider THIS.
You will die someday. When you do you will go to heaven. In heaven you exist without any negative emotions. But aren't those emotions what makes So that's an eternity. An eternity doing nothing but being happy. Millions of billions of years existing! Forever! Wouldn't you go insane?
Not to mention you'll meet plenty of angels.

Ah sweet! She's got a crush!
Not quite.
Love is gross. It's repulsive. Its horrific. It's "Ewww"
Sure, you think I'm weird. Actually, your right. I mean, look at number 1 and 2! But anyway, look at it from my viewpoint.
You have to waste your precious time buying someone gifts for your...Uh...mate. You suck on they're face, share a little spit, smother your naked body against theirs and boom! Your pregnant! There's a THING growing inside your stomach! Doing something in there. They say childbirth is a beautiful thing. Buddy, it's not.

4: I hope that's three up there. I can't scroll up.
I'm lonely. Every day. On the bright side(I'm betting I'm the only person who says that here) I'm a twin. And I know my twin very well! But that's not enough you know? I used to be very popular when I went to public school. We just moved and I tried my best to make new friends and it was hard. I slipped and now I don't leave the house. Infact I'm sort of addicted to the house in a way. I can't leave it. I feel sick when I do. I can't visit relatives, board planes, go on roadtrips. It feels almost scary, the thought of traveling.
Well, that's actually kind of dramatic. The correct term is "Home sickness" but that would've been shorter huh? ;)

I'm great at what I do. And what I do is animate! I animate cute cartoons and action movies. I love making making my characters expressive. I love creating worlds! And fantastical sword fights and chase scenes. I't really have the courage to show anybody. I lie all the time to my family saying "I'm showed it to whatsisname" but I really didn't. I can't... I mean they might hate it! Have you seen those mean comments on YouTube? I just can't do that. And if I may say, I'm very good at what I do. I can recognize good animation techniques and I have 3d animating software too. Dadadada! I have Maya! I was going to an animating school but I blew it. I was inexperienced at the time I kept doing thing like blurting out "I like anime!" or "I'm boored!"
Also, up until seven I was very un hygienic. Greasy hair, bad breath, stinky armpits. Blah, I had to let that last part out.
So there you have it all my secrets. Feels more like a soul spill than actual secrets. Yeah, I do that. I'll probably post some actual secrets later.
If you read all of that...go you! Your quite patient! :3
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