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Thank this chick for the FAQ

Uno. I tried lookin for my dildo to masturbate with in the shower last night but I had it hidden in duffle bag from my mom (she found da last one and threw it away) and I guess she moved the duffle bag but idk where too. :(

Dos. You can say I masterbate frequently, well mostly when I'm high, Gotta love Maryjane.

Tres. I love this website, it really shows how different people are in this world, it shows the real us without having a negative reaction in return.

Cuatro. I'm butch, but I like sucking dick (haven't in a while). I know I'm good at it but I still love licking that bird.!

Cinco. I wish I knew 'K's' real name, I have a thing for K's. :) bet you're caliente! Would love to eat you out and make you cum, jus cause I kno you made this site and you're a real great person, just the way you respond turns me on!


  1. Leave k alone. We want her around for a while. Don't intimidate her..


  2. i agree with the person above me..


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