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Auntie dearest

1. My girl is pregnant and shes so excited but cant seem to figure out why im not... I mean im happy but I dont think I love her after 5 years of pain shes caused my heart... She dony know I feel like I may HATE her... Maybe its because I find her sister way more attractive... The things I would do to that woman...

2. I love sex (as all guys do) alot! I cant get enough, every female I meet I have to have her.. I have pictures of my bestfriends girl on my phone, pictures of her naked with her hnds in her pussy... He really dont kno about this but I would really want her to know because I know she wants this dick... Shhhh id give it to yo ass!

3. I have fantasies of my aunt every day, I just want her soo bad and I dont know how to break it to her or if I should... I mean sometimes it feels like she gives hints but its hard to tell... I used to go in her room and look through her underwear drawer and smell her panties to the point to where id almost bust in my pants, thats how bad I want her.. Sometimes I wish she would of caught me, maybe then she'd know how bad I want her..

4. I keep these secrets DEEP in my heart cuz to the world im the best friend anyone can have... Im the guy every gir comes to for advice, hugs, motivation, and even for solutions, rhey trust me with their life... and I give them honest advice and help them through alot but little do they know that im not the perfect guy... If given the opportunity id stick my hard dick through each and every one of these females bodies and send em all to the promise land that their boyfriends cant send em too.

5. I really would love to fuck my cousins girlfriend "C" she might read this and know exactly who I am cuz I.know she wants it too... I know shes a frea and she knows im the same but she dont know id love to give it to her everyday, everyplace, every hour, every way!!! And shes also puttin me down with two of her friends so im lookin forward to that too lol...

I guess im just like anyone of the horny dudes who reads this website wishin they could stick their dick into these horny females on here... Lol if only the ppl of the world had a gift to read minds, we'd alll be having sex with ppl we'd never even expect to even shake hands with...

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. Lol I'm a girl I'm the exact same way but with men


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