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Gas hump

1. When I was 9 years old my uncle tied me to a kitchen chair and tattooed a swastika on my bicep. I always hid it from everyone and hated it. He is now doing life in prison. Now that I'm older I understand that I am an aryan warrior and wear it proud. My parents are afraid I'm gonna go to prison too
2. I'm not gay at all. I would never fuck a dude or let a dude fuck me. I can't imagine that. It sickens me. But I've always wanted a girl to play with my asshole while she gives me oral.
3. I make keep little 5 hour energy bottles full of other people's piss to pass my drug tests at work. If my fam and friends found out I was a coke-head it'd be the end of me...
4. The smell of gasoline kinda turns me on. I have a hay day when I'm pumpin gas. I get a boner and everyone that sees looks at me funny.
5. I'm afraid of the dark. Not because I'm afraid that there's things I can't see. But because I'm afraid when I DO turn the lights back on, there's gonna be some creepy little girl standing right in front of me.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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