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Way to go master

1. I'm a complete hypocrite. I do firmly believe that everybody is beautiful. But I can't love myself. All I see is a 300 lbs chick that has to tuck her fat roll into her jeans, who can pinch as much fat on my neck as most skinny chicks pinch on their tiny tummies, whose smile is totally fake.
2. There is an exception to 1. I feel completely beautiful and sexy when I'm sucking my husbands dick. We've been together for seven years, and just last year we had a very sexually revealing talk while drunk. He admitted to me that hes turned on by petting and nuzzling, like a cat. so for the past year, hes been calling me kitty and I've been calling him master.And I feel like I can't tell anybody about the most wonderful sexual thing in my life.
3. I cheated on my husband for about a month with my ex, right before we moved to florida. I think about it every day and regret it constantly. I will never tell him.
4. I think I sexually molested my cousin and my step sister. When we were younger, I made them suck my nipples. I dont remember how I got them to do it and I feel so bad about it and disgusted with myself. I dont know if they remember so I dont feel right apologizing to them. I also often wonder if I was sexually molested (because I molested other people) when I was little but have blocked the memory out.
5. I'm turned on by thoughts of incest (not any of my family members), dads with their young daughters or brother and sister together. And I'm turned on by trannies, cuz I love tits but I also love dick. And I'm also turned on by pissing. I dated a guy once who was too but we never did anything cuz he was the type of douche that would tell everybody afterwards. I've only ever told my master. I'm so so glad I have him in my life.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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