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1..I was sleeping g with one of my good friends...if was kinda a weekend thing which was awesome because we both where in relationships...well a few months ago after we hooked up we had a long talk about how we've been doing this for way to long... like 6 years! Well we decided to brake up with our boy/girlfriends.. the next Modding I got a call at 4am and he had been killed.. I was so heart broken and couldn't tell anyone why it was effecting me so much.

2.. Shorty after all of this I starting hanging out with all of my old friends that I stopped hanging out with because I didn't want them to know that we were sleeping with eachother.. I ended up having sex with one of then and as soon as it was over I told them the truth about #1 and he told me he didn't want to talk to me anymore... so I smashed out one of his car windows.. and I beat up hkis now ex downtown b.c I knew who she was and I decided to start a fight with her knowing she and her friends where out numbered big timme!!!! My friends still don't know I knew who she was they just think it was all random

3....I honestly feel so alone in this world.. like no one is here for me.. we are all just living... I would do anything for anyone but I don't feel like anyone would do the same for me...

4...when I was about 14 I knew my mom was cheating on my dad so I had an older friend follolw her and we took picture and I mailed them to my dad... he ended up killing her and the man and I swore to everyone I had no idea what was going on... we went to live with my grandma and she could hardly raise us but she did her best untill the day she died.. I know ikf I ever tell anyone this id be blamed wifor everything so I've never said a word about it.. I really just thought he'd leave her not go fucking crazy...

5...I flirt with younger men at stores and fast food places to get free stuff for me and my friend.. I never call them ib just use them and I'm sorry for that but jesus stop thinking with you weiner!!!!

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[I hope I'm not the only one whose jaw dropped, twice, while reading this post. Holy crap -- I've never known anyone in my life who was murdered, let alone two. I can't help but wonder if the man from secret #1 died in connection with all of this or if it was just some horrifying coincidence. What do you all think? Are these secrets for real?

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  1. I think this is fake

  2. Whats wrong with you? I don't believe in judging everyone, but it's one thing to fuck up your own's another to ruin everyone elses too. Lets see, your ex, your lovers ex, the next "give me attention" fling (thank god for him he knew you werent worth it, your dad, your poor mother, her lover and your would not do anything for anyone, you do things only for yourself, to feel important and wanted...and that's why people don't go out of their way to help you. Yes you did make mistakes, many, not one. Try loving yourself and entertaining yourself instead of seeking sexual attention and taking it upon yourself to throw everyone elses life into disarray because of what you think is best for them.

  3. I got drunk with my husband and some friends. He kind of tricked me into kissing a girl.I kissed a girl and it made me horny but when I saw her freaking body (she flashed me sort of while talking to me) I almost threw up! Any way. now I think I am for sure Bi curious at least and want to pursue this feeling and see where it leads me but now my hubby is saying that even though he wanted me to do that he became very JEALOUS once I did it for him and felt like he would lose me to now I am stuck trying to pretend that I don't have a curiosity that I DO have. ON top of that I think it was more that she didn't want to fuck him and she told him that and that she was only interested in "doing more" with me and ONLY me that made him jealous or more so that he felt left out. But he was the one who initiated it and he was the one who said he didn't want to be involved, even though he knew this chick would do anything for me that night. It made me feel like he just wanted the excuse to fuck another woman and had no interest in if that was something I wanted to try as far as girl girl only just as something I wanted to try. So then I REALLY didnt want to bring it up then...but I am sort of getting tired of hiding the fact that I want to try a girl out who doesn't want to fuck my man.


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