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Friday, January 4, 2013

On FS Pro for Android

Please stop buying it. At least, if you expect it to be updated, you probably shouldn't buy it.

The developer account I used to post it expired and I can't log in to change the description to let people know that it is not updating, nor take it down without paying the developer fees and whatnot and I'm not going to do that any time soon. People continue to buy it occasionally, but my attempts to rectify this situation have failed and I am all out of fucks. Thankfully the iEmpire took down the iOS version the second my dev account expired, but the Android Market and any number of other Android Marketish things still have it up.

For those of you who still check this site I'm sure you miss having it update or being able to post yourselves and that sucks for you but I just can't and more importantly won't do anything about it. My father passed away recently after a wrenching battle with cancer and I need to focus on taking care of myself right now.

This site served a cathartic purpose for me when I started it. I was deeply depressed at that time. Then I went to therapy and it was the best thing I ever did for myself and it is probably the only reason that I am doing as well as I am right now. If you find yourself seeking catharsis for your depression here or really anywhere on the internet... well, that sure didn't work for me and I think it is such a shame that I wasted so much of my life alternating between blaming myself and trying to fix myself because of the stigma associated with mental health care. Anyway. The point of all this is that there is nothing new to see here, there won't be any time soon and probably never, so please don't waste your money buying the Pro App unless for some reason you are okay with that.

I don't intend to take the site down but I am going to disable comments because this sort of post seems to inspire trolls to show up and my typically short fuse is all but non-existent right now.

Take care of yourselves ladies and gentlemen, because no one else will.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To whomever left this in the submission box:

"K, just give 5 secrets away to someone who has more time to post secrets than just letting this drown from your own agenda"

I created five secrets and worked on it for hours every day for over a year for nothing in return. The number of donations and paid apps I got didn't even amount to pennies an hour for all the time I spent on this site and if you liked it so much maybe you should have supported me and made it worth it for me to keep posting instead of leaving me whiney asshole comments like some kind of entitled teenager.

It's not public property and I don't owe you or anyone else a damn thing. I will do with it as I please and if you don't like it you can go somewhere else for your entertainment.

And by the way, douchebag, I'm actually working with a developer right now to create a means of posting that will take a fraction of the time so that after this semester of hell is over I can start posting again without it taking so much time -- but again -- I will post when I feel like it, how I feel like it, and you can keep your shithead opinions to yourself if you don't like it.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Someone left an anonymous comment on one of the posts asking me to update the site because they felt that their secrets were too obvious and they might be found out, but they didn't say which secrets were theirs. I am no longer accepting submissions for the site and don't plan on updating it any time soon, so if whoever left this comment sends me an email to admin /at/ and tells me the title of the post I will be happy to delete it for them. It may be the post that they left the comment on, but I'm not sure and I'm also not sure if they would actually want the secrets deleted knowing that's the only option.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of the more interesting posts of the day

1: I'm a miserable idiot.
My social skills are horrendous. I can't hold one measly conversation without saying something incredibly stupid. I don't go to public school. I haven't for seven years! So you can see how that happened can't you?

2: This one might actually be the most pathetic.
I'm afraid of God. I said it! Phew! That's great to get off my chest. But really, consider this. They're are hideous demons lurking in your room right now. What's keeping them at bay is an angel. Cute huh? Not quite. Angels have six wings, stand impossibly tall, may have the head of an animal, wheels for legs, and billions of unblinking eyes focused on you. Right now. Don't believe me? Bible says some do.
Ok, now consider THIS.
You will die someday. When you do you will go to heaven. In heaven you exist without any negative emotions. But aren't those emotions what makes So that's an eternity. An eternity doing nothing but being happy. Millions of billions of years existing! Forever! Wouldn't you go insane?
Not to mention you'll meet plenty of angels.

Ah sweet! She's got a crush!
Not quite.
Love is gross. It's repulsive. Its horrific. It's "Ewww"
Sure, you think I'm weird. Actually, your right. I mean, look at number 1 and 2! But anyway, look at it from my viewpoint.
You have to waste your precious time buying someone gifts for your...Uh...mate. You suck on they're face, share a little spit, smother your naked body against theirs and boom! Your pregnant! There's a THING growing inside your stomach! Doing something in there. They say childbirth is a beautiful thing. Buddy, it's not.

4: I hope that's three up there. I can't scroll up.
I'm lonely. Every day. On the bright side(I'm betting I'm the only person who says that here) I'm a twin. And I know my twin very well! But that's not enough you know? I used to be very popular when I went to public school. We just moved and I tried my best to make new friends and it was hard. I slipped and now I don't leave the house. Infact I'm sort of addicted to the house in a way. I can't leave it. I feel sick when I do. I can't visit relatives, board planes, go on roadtrips. It feels almost scary, the thought of traveling.
Well, that's actually kind of dramatic. The correct term is "Home sickness" but that would've been shorter huh? ;)

I'm great at what I do. And what I do is animate! I animate cute cartoons and action movies. I love making making my characters expressive. I love creating worlds! And fantastical sword fights and chase scenes. I't really have the courage to show anybody. I lie all the time to my family saying "I'm showed it to whatsisname" but I really didn't. I can't... I mean they might hate it! Have you seen those mean comments on YouTube? I just can't do that. And if I may say, I'm very good at what I do. I can recognize good animation techniques and I have 3d animating software too. Dadadada! I have Maya! I was going to an animating school but I blew it. I was inexperienced at the time I kept doing thing like blurting out "I like anime!" or "I'm boored!"
Also, up until seven I was very un hygienic. Greasy hair, bad breath, stinky armpits. Blah, I had to let that last part out.
So there you have it all my secrets. Feels more like a soul spill than actual secrets. Yeah, I do that. I'll probably post some actual secrets later.
If you read all of that...go you! Your quite patient! :3
Sexual Orientation:

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Sounds like a pretty crappy bf

Necrophilia turns me on and sometimes so does beastiality.

I can and will manipulate people if they screw me over. This girl made me angry so I took revenge. I broke her and her bf up. He broke up with her but she knows I was behind it.

My bf makes me feel awful when I want sex. He gets so angry and makes feel whorish for asking.

Would like to experience a threesome or an orgy.

My dad isn't my biological father. I was given the chance to find out who was but I turned it down. My parents don't know that I know. Starting to wonder if the dreams I had when I was little were actually reality.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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A safe place

1. The biggest lie I've ever told you was "im not falling in love with you"
2. I've sprayed one of my pillows with your perfume so when im feeling down i can cuddle it and pretend you're here with me.
3. When you leave me in your flat i climb into your bed and curl up, its the only place i feel safe in the world.
4. I will never tell you i didn't finish my degree, how could you ever love me if i wasn't smart.
5. You are the only thing stopping me from taking my own life. You have saved me, but you'l never know.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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Way to go master

1. I'm a complete hypocrite. I do firmly believe that everybody is beautiful. But I can't love myself. All I see is a 300 lbs chick that has to tuck her fat roll into her jeans, who can pinch as much fat on my neck as most skinny chicks pinch on their tiny tummies, whose smile is totally fake.
2. There is an exception to 1. I feel completely beautiful and sexy when I'm sucking my husbands dick. We've been together for seven years, and just last year we had a very sexually revealing talk while drunk. He admitted to me that hes turned on by petting and nuzzling, like a cat. so for the past year, hes been calling me kitty and I've been calling him master.And I feel like I can't tell anybody about the most wonderful sexual thing in my life.
3. I cheated on my husband for about a month with my ex, right before we moved to florida. I think about it every day and regret it constantly. I will never tell him.
4. I think I sexually molested my cousin and my step sister. When we were younger, I made them suck my nipples. I dont remember how I got them to do it and I feel so bad about it and disgusted with myself. I dont know if they remember so I dont feel right apologizing to them. I also often wonder if I was sexually molested (because I molested other people) when I was little but have blocked the memory out.
5. I'm turned on by thoughts of incest (not any of my family members), dads with their young daughters or brother and sister together. And I'm turned on by trannies, cuz I love tits but I also love dick. And I'm also turned on by pissing. I dated a guy once who was too but we never did anything cuz he was the type of douche that would tell everybody afterwards. I've only ever told my master. I'm so so glad I have him in my life.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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