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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Someone get this woman some dick, STAT

1.i said bisexual but pretty sure i'm straight. i want sex with men all the time i fantasize about it all day i even think about fucking all of my gf friends. She doesn't know that i've never wanted to be with her and that i felt bad for her and just wanted to get my pussy ate and couldn't break her heart like that. so now i've stayed with her and i hate myself for it because she also a control freak. i practically have to force myself to fuck her when i'm not imagining one of her friends pounding me out to the point when we have sex i am angry and disgusted by her touch.i want to get fucked so badly.

2. I'm constantly suicidal and depressed i had a long history of cutting myself and most of the time poor at hiding it because. I feel that the world is evil and no one really gives a fuck about anyone else but themselves. gf thinks that i don't know she cheats on me and every chance that she gets. she flirts and plays it innocent. every time i confront her and the crazy thing is i don't care and hope to find her cheating so that i have a reason to leave i try to play cool so i stay away from her friends so that i don't cheat even though i want to get fucked its been so long.

4. i feel that i am the worst person ever on earth i believe i am cursed because everything in my life is shit i deal with racism everyday because i'm black and 'im so insecure that i'll do anything to make someone think i'm pretty i want everyone to or just about everyone to want to fuck me but i know they don't because i don't get dressed because i'm scared everyone will think i'm ugly. theres so many hot people today i'll never amount to them so i obsess over my looks and cosmetic surgery even though i'm too broke to afford my rent or gas. i act mean and push every one away because i'm ugly and i don't know how to look better and i want to stop thinking like this but i can't. I hear voices in my head and no one knows but me they used to want me to kill but now they hate me for never listening and doing what they want so now they torment me which causes mood swings and me and my gf to argue because they wont leave me alone and it scares me she still doesn't know why she just thinks i hate her and honestly i do ?

5i don't know how much longer i can take of being unhappy i'm so unsure of myself i'm constantly in drama because of my know it all gf who loves mess and shes so in denial and a compulsive liar and i feel weak for not leaving. she tells me no one will want me and i believe her so i stay i want to be happy i never thought my life would be like this. i'm addicted to porn because i'm sexually frustrated too. i watch girls getting fucked wishing i could trade spots with them ..i also fucked her cousin and she doesn't know. it happened before we dated. i also was molested for a while when i was a toddler and it made me hate myself because i wanted to touch other kids younger and older and i knew it was wrong and sick of me i've never touched a kid and i don't think of that anymore. i know that i thought this way because of what happened to me. i think all child rapist and violators should die in the worst way possible. there are to many beautiful men and women, wanting a child is sick and i'm still learning why i felt that way growing up, wanting to do those evil things to a human of any age and i'm sure it wasn't really me i was just screwed in the head and this is why i don't want kids because u never know what a person thinks or wants to do to your child. i feel the best way to protect them is by not becoming a parent i don't know what i would do if my child had went through what i did . also i am in love with my gf best friend. i want him so bad i'd let him do what ever he wanted to me. i want so bad i think i'm in love with him when i see him my heart drops and my hands shake and when hes near me i can't control how wet i get and it turns me on more to where i start to feel it running down my underwear god please i want him in me now!!!

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Admin here: There ya go, your first new set of secrets in forever. This set of secrets has actually been sitting waiting for me to find it for over a month, because I didn't realize notifications for the submission box were disabled. This has been fixed, so let 'em rip folks, and tell your friends Five Secrets is back!

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Do you still have secrets?

Psst... The submission box is back open.

Five Secrets hasn't posted a new set of secrets posted since December of 2011, but K is thinking about bringing it back.

Do you still have secrets? See if they're juicy enough to get K posting again.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

One of the more interesting posts of the day

1: I'm a miserable idiot.
My social skills are horrendous. I can't hold one measly conversation without saying something incredibly stupid. I don't go to public school. I haven't for seven years! So you can see how that happened can't you?

2: This one might actually be the most pathetic.
I'm afraid of God. I said it! Phew! That's great to get off my chest. But really, consider this. They're are hideous demons lurking in your room right now. What's keeping them at bay is an angel. Cute huh? Not quite. Angels have six wings, stand impossibly tall, may have the head of an animal, wheels for legs, and billions of unblinking eyes focused on you. Right now. Don't believe me? Bible says some do.
Ok, now consider THIS.
You will die someday. When you do you will go to heaven. In heaven you exist without any negative emotions. But aren't those emotions what makes So that's an eternity. An eternity doing nothing but being happy. Millions of billions of years existing! Forever! Wouldn't you go insane?
Not to mention you'll meet plenty of angels.

Ah sweet! She's got a crush!
Not quite.
Love is gross. It's repulsive. Its horrific. It's "Ewww"
Sure, you think I'm weird. Actually, your right. I mean, look at number 1 and 2! But anyway, look at it from my viewpoint.
You have to waste your precious time buying someone gifts for your...Uh...mate. You suck on they're face, share a little spit, smother your naked body against theirs and boom! Your pregnant! There's a THING growing inside your stomach! Doing something in there. They say childbirth is a beautiful thing. Buddy, it's not.

4: I hope that's three up there. I can't scroll up.
I'm lonely. Every day. On the bright side(I'm betting I'm the only person who says that here) I'm a twin. And I know my twin very well! But that's not enough you know? I used to be very popular when I went to public school. We just moved and I tried my best to make new friends and it was hard. I slipped and now I don't leave the house. Infact I'm sort of addicted to the house in a way. I can't leave it. I feel sick when I do. I can't visit relatives, board planes, go on roadtrips. It feels almost scary, the thought of traveling.
Well, that's actually kind of dramatic. The correct term is "Home sickness" but that would've been shorter huh? ;)

I'm great at what I do. And what I do is animate! I animate cute cartoons and action movies. I love making making my characters expressive. I love creating worlds! And fantastical sword fights and chase scenes. I't really have the courage to show anybody. I lie all the time to my family saying "I'm showed it to whatsisname" but I really didn't. I can't... I mean they might hate it! Have you seen those mean comments on YouTube? I just can't do that. And if I may say, I'm very good at what I do. I can recognize good animation techniques and I have 3d animating software too. Dadadada! I have Maya! I was going to an animating school but I blew it. I was inexperienced at the time I kept doing thing like blurting out "I like anime!" or "I'm boored!"
Also, up until seven I was very un hygienic. Greasy hair, bad breath, stinky armpits. Blah, I had to let that last part out.
So there you have it all my secrets. Feels more like a soul spill than actual secrets. Yeah, I do that. I'll probably post some actual secrets later.
If you read all of that...go you! Your quite patient! :3
Sexual Orientation:

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Sounds like a pretty crappy bf

Necrophilia turns me on and sometimes so does beastiality.

I can and will manipulate people if they screw me over. This girl made me angry so I took revenge. I broke her and her bf up. He broke up with her but she knows I was behind it.

My bf makes me feel awful when I want sex. He gets so angry and makes feel whorish for asking.

Would like to experience a threesome or an orgy.

My dad isn't my biological father. I was given the chance to find out who was but I turned it down. My parents don't know that I know. Starting to wonder if the dreams I had when I was little were actually reality.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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A safe place

1. The biggest lie I've ever told you was "im not falling in love with you"
2. I've sprayed one of my pillows with your perfume so when im feeling down i can cuddle it and pretend you're here with me.
3. When you leave me in your flat i climb into your bed and curl up, its the only place i feel safe in the world.
4. I will never tell you i didn't finish my degree, how could you ever love me if i wasn't smart.
5. You are the only thing stopping me from taking my own life. You have saved me, but you'l never know.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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Way to go master

1. I'm a complete hypocrite. I do firmly believe that everybody is beautiful. But I can't love myself. All I see is a 300 lbs chick that has to tuck her fat roll into her jeans, who can pinch as much fat on my neck as most skinny chicks pinch on their tiny tummies, whose smile is totally fake.
2. There is an exception to 1. I feel completely beautiful and sexy when I'm sucking my husbands dick. We've been together for seven years, and just last year we had a very sexually revealing talk while drunk. He admitted to me that hes turned on by petting and nuzzling, like a cat. so for the past year, hes been calling me kitty and I've been calling him master.And I feel like I can't tell anybody about the most wonderful sexual thing in my life.
3. I cheated on my husband for about a month with my ex, right before we moved to florida. I think about it every day and regret it constantly. I will never tell him.
4. I think I sexually molested my cousin and my step sister. When we were younger, I made them suck my nipples. I dont remember how I got them to do it and I feel so bad about it and disgusted with myself. I dont know if they remember so I dont feel right apologizing to them. I also often wonder if I was sexually molested (because I molested other people) when I was little but have blocked the memory out.
5. I'm turned on by thoughts of incest (not any of my family members), dads with their young daughters or brother and sister together. And I'm turned on by trannies, cuz I love tits but I also love dick. And I'm also turned on by pissing. I dated a guy once who was too but we never did anything cuz he was the type of douche that would tell everybody afterwards. I've only ever told my master. I'm so so glad I have him in my life.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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Auntie dearest

1. My girl is pregnant and shes so excited but cant seem to figure out why im not... I mean im happy but I dont think I love her after 5 years of pain shes caused my heart... She dony know I feel like I may HATE her... Maybe its because I find her sister way more attractive... The things I would do to that woman...

2. I love sex (as all guys do) alot! I cant get enough, every female I meet I have to have her.. I have pictures of my bestfriends girl on my phone, pictures of her naked with her hnds in her pussy... He really dont kno about this but I would really want her to know because I know she wants this dick... Shhhh id give it to yo ass!

3. I have fantasies of my aunt every day, I just want her soo bad and I dont know how to break it to her or if I should... I mean sometimes it feels like she gives hints but its hard to tell... I used to go in her room and look through her underwear drawer and smell her panties to the point to where id almost bust in my pants, thats how bad I want her.. Sometimes I wish she would of caught me, maybe then she'd know how bad I want her..

4. I keep these secrets DEEP in my heart cuz to the world im the best friend anyone can have... Im the guy every gir comes to for advice, hugs, motivation, and even for solutions, rhey trust me with their life... and I give them honest advice and help them through alot but little do they know that im not the perfect guy... If given the opportunity id stick my hard dick through each and every one of these females bodies and send em all to the promise land that their boyfriends cant send em too.

5. I really would love to fuck my cousins girlfriend "C" she might read this and know exactly who I am cuz I.know she wants it too... I know shes a frea and she knows im the same but she dont know id love to give it to her everyday, everyplace, every hour, every way!!! And shes also puttin me down with two of her friends so im lookin forward to that too lol...

I guess im just like anyone of the horny dudes who reads this website wishin they could stick their dick into these horny females on here... Lol if only the ppl of the world had a gift to read minds, we'd alll be having sex with ppl we'd never even expect to even shake hands with...

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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