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Devil soil

Years ago, I needed dirt to fill out my flower beds. I drove to some woods near my home, and dug up some soil and took it home. Bad idea, that soil was full of weed seed which grew/grew back like a house on fire- even when it was pulled up by the roots. Eventually I had to dig all the soil back out and burn the empty flower beds with gas to get rid of the weed. I sprinkled loads of that devil soil over my neighbour's pride and joy model flowerbeds and lawn because he is an arrogant, self-centred ass.

We had a spate of porn surfing at work which was traced back to a caretaker using computers after hours. Before he was found out, we all had to check each other's computers for porn. I checked my bosses, it was full of filth. The janitor got the blame, but I know from the date-time stamp on the cached pics it was viewed during a lunchtime and that my boss was in his office at that time. I have it in my back pocket in case I ever need it.

I think all PCs are full of dirty pics; I'm repairing my friend's pc. There are pictures of her on it posing in lingerie. I stopped looking at them when I realised what they were. I wont tell her I saw them in case she is embarassed. I like the feeling of having a secret intimate knowledge about her.

Its getting dark early now and I've taken to walking then so no one can see I'm exercising and trying to lose some weight. I carry a huge knife with me now because 4 years ago when I was doing the same thing I got beaten up and robbed by a bunch of kids. They were only 16-ish, but there was like eight of them and I just got overwhelmed when some got behind me. If a kid gang tries it again, they'll be dead or sorry or both.

I hate cyclists, they are a liability on the roads; they go too slow, take too much of the road, block you from passign them, don't stop on red lights and they don't have to pay to maintain the pavement. Give them a road to themselves and make them pay for it.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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