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Bad feelings are better than no feelings

1. i still have hard sexual feelings toward my ex girlfriend

2. my girlfriend i have now i seem to have lost interest in, shes a beautiful woman hot body and truely smart but we’ve started to loose attraction for each other even though were still dating.

3. my ex girlfriend was my current girlfriends best friend, until i came into the picture, i dumped my ex just for her.

4. I fantasize about fuckin every hot chick i see as well as my ex, we always did something that pleased us both, now i dont even get that. Im in a sexless relationship and i really dont know why.

5. Sometimes i wish i had no feelings for women at all .

Ps: kay i wanted to get a experts advice on my situation and that is, me and my girlfriend are loosing our attraction in each other, we hardly kiss each other anymore, im the only guy she has that ever treated her like a queen and took great care of her in every situation but were in a sexless r/s that feels like its goin down the tubes and i just wanted to get some advice on what i should do. Ever since she found out mank account balance she wants to be with me more(go figure) but we dont do anything anymore we dont even tell each other we love each other and when i see other people in their relationships hugging and cuddling with each other, it makes me sad deep down that i dont have what they do. Kay what do you think i should do:/

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

Admin here --

First, I'm not an expert. I just read a lot of secrets.

All you can do when you have a problem in a relationship is try to understand on a fundamental level what is bothering you and then address that. Usually it comes down to some kind of fear -- but figuring out what that is can be VERY hard regardless of how much you try to work it out. Try talking to her about your problems and you might be surprised what she says. If that doesn't work try going to couples counseling. If that doesn't work, I don't know what else to tell you. Both of you have to be willing to do what it takes to make it work and if that's not the case there probably isn't anything you can do besides move on and try to find someone you CAN make it work with.

Good luck.


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