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Best of both worlds

1. I sexually molested my pet dog
2. I have an attraction to animals/really hairy women
3. I like to put my penis in womens arm pits
4. My wife is actually a transexual (Best of both worlds)
5. I like to dress up in lingere and take pictures.
I really dont know what to do about this. I think I'm really wierd. So if you could please comment and give me some advice, It would be much appriciated.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: other

Admin here -

Why do you need to do anything about it? Other than molesting your dog I don't see anything wrong with any of this. If you've read this site much you probably know that even that isn't all that uncommon and I'm not judging, but the lack of ability to give consent makes that a questionable decision. As for the rest, hairy women need love too, some chicks probably dig having a dick in their armpit (there is an infinite variety of human desires -- no matter what you're into there is probably someone else out there who is into the same thing), there are a lot of guys who would kill to have a transgendered wife as there are many people who can't or don't feel any need to make a decision between genders, and if you like dressing up as a chick go for it.

If you're not okay with this stuff, that is really the only problem, and all I can suggest you do about that is seek out some form of support or counseling. Support groups (online or IRL) could help you deal with the shame you feel as a result of these urges if that is what you want. If it's more important to you to understand them or eliminate them, find a therapist and go regularly. It is absolutely shocking the things you can change in your life with the help of a good therapist. If the first one you try doesn't seem to be helping, keep looking until you find a good one.

Good luck.


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