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Is it okay if he never chooses?

1. I'm deeply in love with a married man... I'm 34 and at this point I am able to say I've found the man of my life. He's 41 and has a 16 years old daughter. Family seems to be a great value to him. When he met his wife 20 years ago, she's already had a baby. She's a bit older than him. It's now years they sleep in seperate bedrooms.

2. The way we met : we take each day the same train. Everyday for months we've been somehow looking for each other in this train. We needed to have each other at sight as often as possible for these 40 mins long fares. One day, he used the courage I was missing to ask me for a coffee. I thought I was dreaming... of course I couldn't do anything but accept the offer.
We met end of July this year. He's someone who has deep problems with lying. So after a 3 weeks long relationship with me, his wife, who found him acting strange and being very distracted at home, made him confess her he had an extra marriage relationship. He was devastated. I was too.

3. One week had passed when his wife finally asked him to make a choice between her and me (during a nearly full week, he left her in doubts). It then took him 2 full days to tell her he'd chosen her over me. Of course I understood why, but I thought I'd die from the breaking up.

4. In the next days, we've decided to remain friends. As we still had to travel together, we thought that was the best thing to do. We Knew we couldn't just ignore each other in the train and friendship seemed to be the only thing left to us...
But then, not even a week later, we were making love in a bed.

5. Since this marvelous time, we've met again and again... We've spent 3 days together in Southern France. Now, I don't know what to think anymore. He says he can't choose now and needs time. I say I can't live without him... what would you say?!
Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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