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Stripper secrets

1. I am 24 yr. Old., single MoM of a 3yr. Old and also a part-time stripper or entertainer what eva u wanna call it. I secretly plained my pregnacy because I knew my BF turned, babby daddy would pay child support when I left him because he wouldn't give me the life style that I wanted and I needed a kid because it would stop me from committing suacide.  Is that selfish?
2. When I was in school I was one of the less nothiced. I was 5'8" with long skinny legs.Now when people that knew me in school sees me on stage theye act as if we were the best of friends in school and are all surprised. Many of the populer girls are now fat with 2 or 3 kids and married to deadbeats what were so called hot guys in school. Although very few of my family members accepts the fact that I dance it has made me a much stronger and indapendent person . I've gained many things from danceing which include: independance and an increesed selfasteem. My stepdad is my biggest fan and my mom hates the thought. But O.... well shell get ova it he is not my type of old man.... anyway... I'm proud to have the stripper name of JUICEE and my looks because it keeps others on there toes.
3. LOL its so funny... the amount of women that are scared that I take there man because I wouldn't wast my time on 1/2 of them. And the other 1/2 I would make pay me about 300 to 400 dollers just to eat my pussy from the back while I'm bent ova head down ass up .... "ITS NOT WHAT U DO ITS HOW U DO IT" and I don't even look twice at a man with more than 1 kid. See its only a small amount of men that I wast my time on and those are the ones with jobs in high level positions talking offshore prestidents, engineers I like the ones that's not so good looking because that's the ones that would whine and dine me and not to leave out theye anways have. The best sex.....
4. I met my bf in the strip club I had been knowing him and I only sharted talking to him cause he told me he would take me shopping....and when we went on vacation I founad out his job title,
 had the good sex.....that's how I got stuck I can't emagine lifr w/o him,(did I leave out he's 47) even though I have cheeted on him a lot i think I really love him I just can't stop ceating . Its getting better though.... I've cheeted on everyone I've been with it s just a way of life always looking for the next best thing. I think I have a sex addictino cuz at sixteen had sex with 50 guys and I stopped counting cause I can't remember most of them I guess that ment thay had bad
5. Sometimes I fill like I'm better than some people bacause I'm a stripper an have never experimented with durgs other than weed. And I have my own car and own place just one job an I get child support .

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