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Watch out juvenile

1. I NEED to meet Juvenile. I'll stalk him if I have to.
2. I think I like a white guy. I know thats not bad, but I don't think my parents, grandparents, or anyone one else would like it.
3. A fantasy of mine is to gather all of the popular boys in a ware house, wear some type of mask, and butt fuck them with a strap on just to make em cry. (I'm a girl.)
4. I would love to meet the admin, "K" somewhere. I live in California. But, it probably wasn't a good idea to pit that next to the ware house secret.
5. If absolutely ANYONE knows where Juvenile is, let me know! I know he's somewhere in New Orleans, but I will pay you top dollar for info!

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  1. Here is a discussion topic on the forum just for those lusting after Five Secrets posters. Create an ID (lacking completely in real info in order to protect your privacy if you wish) and find your dish! Creating an account really is super easy, none of your personal info shows until or unless you change your settings, and the info required to register is so minimal it takes just a couple minutes tops.


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