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5. I seriously have a problem with this site everytime I read the posts I get soo damn wet. (Mind you I read them everyday lol)
4. I have a boyfriend that's a cpmplete asshole I think I'm only with him to prove to my babysdad that I'm over him and could careless that he's getting married.
3. It honestly kills me that he moved on is getting married and I'm alone I do everything for our child but yet he's off in complete bliss.
2. I secretly have sex for money not because I need it I just think its the biggest turn on knowing he keeps coming back for more and is willing to pay for it because he wants it sooo bad. Makes me feel dominant.
1. I definetly want to have a 3some soon but with 2 girls and a bunch of awesome toys I don't think I'm lesbian or even bi I just think pussy looks amazing could do withouth everything else but that is something I drool over.

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