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* i enjoy having sex with my boyfriend very much but there are times when i just want him to make love to me slowly. he's so rough all the time and it's nice but not ALL the time. whenever we have sex and i want to do it my way or i say how i want it, he rarely does it (this upsets me during sex but he doesn't know it).

* i love being on top during sex and i also don't like it when im on top. my boyfriend thrushes up, so basically he's fucking me and im not doing any of the work. i always have to tell him to sit back and enjoy. or when im on top he's always sensitive so we have to change our position.

*  we fuck at his house all the time when his both his parents are at work. it's summer break and when they're gone i wish we can fuck in every room (EVERYWHERE) but he's way to scared to fuck anywhere else besides his bedroom. one time late at night everyone was sleeping, i wanted to have sex out in his backyard. i begged and begged and we didn't get to do it, for the whole night. i was pissed.

* im not into any of that kinky sex. i love just love making. nice and slow but hard thrusting. i don;t mind being blindfolded or him. i know my boyfriend is a kinky type of lover. he loves to spank me and i fuckin hate it. he wants to anal me really hard till i bleed. he likes to grab me and throw me across the bed really rough. its okay sometimes. i love dressing up. school girl, cow girl, nurse, etc... but he never stops to enjoy my cute sexy outfits. he stares and tears. and we never do fore play. i want to do fore play more because my pussy gets so wet and i love feeling my wet pussy.

* the only time i like having rough sex is when im fucking high or drunk as hell. but he doesn't like getting high or drinking.

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