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Good lay

I have a girl who I love to death but I've cheated on her with my exs..

I don't cheat for emotional purpose I'm just really addicted to sex I need it everyday..

I've never been in a relationship and been completely faithful but I've also never been caught because I lie very well...

I think I'm bi sexual but I don't like manly men I have a fetish for trannys I don't know why..I've had sex with two first time I couldn't build the courage for sex so it was just turned me on so much I wanted it again.. the 2nd one I did it all and he loved it :) but I could never have a relationship and he got fed up so we don't talk anymore :(....

I love sex with my exs and they want me back but I don't care for them I just want to fuck and leave I know its wrong and makes me seem like a typical guy but I can't help it..I think the only reason they want me is because I'm really good in the bed but who knows :(

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