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Everyone fails at being perfect

1.) I cut myself to feel better about everything thats happened. With my boyfriend abusive past, my failure of being perfect like everyone wants and abusive family.
2.) I have an eating disorder because everyone in my family is smaller then me, I just want to be like them, why is that so HARD!?!?!
3.) I burn myself in the shower, every day. Boiling hot water, just so I feel better.
4.) The one person I WISH I could go to so deperately I cant, because Im so afraid they wont care... I love him so much and Im so scared he doesnt love me like he says he does...
5.) I cry myself to sleep because Im dying of a slow killing disease. Not cancer or anything like that, but It causes pain, IMMENSE pain...and thats all that matters...

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

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