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That Doesn't Sound Like Something a Lesbian Would Do

1.) I was forced to take my best friend's penis in my mouth by his father when we were both 15. He basically raped my mouth and came. Memories of the event are a strange mix of apprehension, anxiety, fear, and arousal.

2.) I am a sexual deviant and I find it more of a hindrance than a joy. I get bored in relationships where the women refuses to explore her limits sexually and settles for simple coital intercourse.

3.) I purposefully put myself in a situation where I knew I would be raped by an overly aggressive bisexual man nearly twice my body size. He overwhelmed me, tied me to a futon, and anally raped me until he came inside me. I got so worried about STDs afterward that I took a battery of tests for nearly 6 months and remained celibate for nearly a year before I was convinced I was clean.

4.) I am emotionally and sexually attracted to women but, as described above, have sexual scenarios which involve men that arouse me and, although they rarely occur, I am constantly looking for ways to make them happen.

5.) I once let a lesbian friend seduce me and use a strap on to penetrate me.

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