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Best of Unpublished Five Secrets Submissions

Hi All--

I just wanted to drop in a note to mention that beginning today, the best of the unpublished submissions will appear as wall posts on our Facebook fan page

The Facebook page is moderated by a close friend of mine, known to the Facebook world as Nurd Grrl. Become a fan and check in regularly to participate in discussions, polls, see video dedications to our cherished posters, and much more. Best of all, there are more secrets! If your secrets didn't show up on Five Secrets within 48 hours of submission, check the submission guidelines and then scoot on over to the fan page to see if you're Facebook famous. Nurd Girl had the good taste to start with my ABSOLUTE favorite incomplete submission ever, which she appropriately dubbed "Manifest Destiny."

We've been doing a lot of work on the site lately and now have iPhone and Android apps, a merch store, and regular posts from yours truly to @Five_Secrets on Twitter. Lately I've been pondering things that #FiveSecretsTaughtMe and throwing them out there via Twitter. 

I'm thrilled to see so many new submissions and comments. Keep 'em coming! A big thanks to all readers and submitters, Five Secrets wouldn't be here without you. 

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