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A gaping hole in fifth grade curricula

1. I seriously considered becoming a prostitute this past summer after a one-night stand (I was interested in the guy for conversation, not sex. I had sex with him anyways). My best friend of 17 years approved unequivocally; that was the beginning of the end of our friendship because I felt like she didn't respect me enough to even question my judgment or safety.

2. I've never had sex with someone I was in a relationship with. And the longest 'relationship' I've been in was with a man in an open marriage. It eventually ruined my friendship with his wife.

3. I hate my blood relatives (except for my mom). I think they're all losers with dead end lives. I want nothing to do with them.

4. I often feel like I can't really be who I truly want to be because of other people's expectations. It's part of why I really want to move to a city where no one knows me. I love my friends, but sometimes I feel trapped.

5. In 5th grade I chased a group of boys around the classroom with a belt for teasing me. I can't help but think that was the beginning of my fantasies of being a dominatrix, even though I didn't learn what a dominatrix was until grade 7.

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