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Poor cat

1) I masterbate every day, some times 3x a day. I never cum when having sex so I masterbate afterwards when the person leaves. When I masterbate I imagine I'm eating a girl out, even though I never have. I've been masterbating since age 8.

2) I've had herpes for over 4yrs and no one knows. I still let guys eat my pussy and have unprotected sex. I think I gave it to a few people but I don't care.

3) When I was 10 a dog ate my pussy and I loved it.

4) I been with my boyfriend for a year and I think he is ugly as hell and I hate when he touches me. I'm only with him till I find some one better.

5) I never been faithful to any man. I sleep with guys to make them like me but after they sleep with me they never talk to me again.

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