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Talent left untested

~i have the worst self esteem of anyone I know causing me to suck in my stomach 24/7, wear a water bra, and i'm determined to have my entire back covered in tattoos so no one can see the acne on my back. I'm only 20.

~i've always wondered what it would be like to eat a girl out. I'd probably never act on it because i'm too scared, but I think i'd be amazing at it.

~ I always put everyone before myself but I recently broke up with my boyfriend breaking his heart, because I'm still in love with my ex fiancée, who wants me back. I don't care about his current girlfriend's feelings i just want us to be happy again.

~one of the reasons I broke up with my boyfriend is because he sucked at sex. My ex fiancée was amazing and I almost raped him (lol) the other day. I know he wouldn't have stopped me.

~i sometimes wonder what everyone would do if I came up missing cuz all I wanna do is run away. I also wonder who all would go to my funeral if I died see who actually cared about me.

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