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A very long two years

I am sure I'm a complete nut case and don't know if I care to find out.

My wife doesn't love me and is too afraid to say anything because she continues to use me and doesn't want to lose what she gets from me every month. And I don't care.

I regret joining the military. I joined because I wanted to put my life in danger or kill someone doing it. Now that I'm back from theater, I just want my old life back.

My wife is living at our house, in another state, with my kids and all my money while I live on the streets. I'm stationed thousands of miles from them and I can't do anything till my contract is up, 2 years from now. And she doesn't want to move to me.

Oh, and I sent her a valentine's day gift that had no name on it. I was on the phone with her when she got it. She never said anything about it while i was on the phone. I waited 20 minutes before I asked her about it. I think she didn't say anything about it until I said something because she may have been worried that if it was not from me, it would have solidified my suspicions.

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