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Failure is just one more chance to succeed

1) i have no strong opinions on a lot of things, and i'm afraid that because of this i will be easily manipulated. and this scares me.

2) i'm very emotionally needy, and this makes me more vulnerable.

3) i have days where i hate myself, and very few moments where i like myself. this is mainly because of the people i interact with, and obviously i interact with the wrong people.

4) i am in love with my best friend, and i'm afraid that he knows and that he only says things like "you'll get the man you want someday" just because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.

5) i'm scared to death that, regardless of what people say, i'm going to become a failure. and i'm afraid that i will disappoint everyone i know.

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  1. re: #3, easier said than done, but finding better people to be around will likely not only help your self-esteem, but in turn help you with #5. Don't worry what other people think (again, easier said than done); you're not a failure if you at least try. :)


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