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Distance makes the heart grow fonder

1. I'm Not In Love With My BoyFriend, i just got with him because i knew my ex would get jealous and he admitted to me he is jealous.

2. I'm still in love with my ex, and he has told me he will always take me back, but for my own good i know i will never ask him back.

3. My ex split up with me because we live 27 miles away from each other so i only got to see him at weekends. he got with another girl and he slept with me while with her, i feel bad.

4. He asked me to be his fuck buddy when ever i get to see him and i said what if you have a girlfriend when i see you. He said he don't care.

5. I said no to his question, but i know it would be a different story if i was to see him.

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