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Assuming this poster is male (correct me if I'm wrong!)

1.  When I was 3 my older sister, by 4 years, showed me the joy of oral sex while in the tub.  Both giving and recieving.  We used to sleep in the same bed so we'd do it every night.

2.  When I was five, the older boy next door showed be how to suck cock and he even used to suck mine.  He also was the first to do anal with me.  I still remember how good his cum tasted and how wonderful the feeling of a hardon in my rump.  It wasn't love, just raw sex.  We'd do it every chance we could.

3.  When I was 10, my sister dressed me in some of her old clothes.  Panties, training bra, dress, and mary jane shoes.  She did my hair and even put makeup on me.  I enjoyed being her little sister.  We were still doing oral with each other during that time.  So that was my first lesbian exerience.

4.  When I was 13, I had full sex with a woman for the first time.  I used to mow yards and she was the wife of one of my clients.  When she found out I was bi, she used to do me with a strapon.  We both loved it.

5.  At the age of 15, I got my first real boyfriend.  He was in his mid 30's and and officer in the military.  He was my first true love and I would never turn him down for sex.  He used to love doing me in semi-public places.  I liked it too.  He really like it when I 'dressed' for him.  I was his 'girl'.

Only my sister knows about all of this.  Though we aren't doing oral anymore, we are still very close.

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  1. Wow I almost forgot about posting here. From the OMG's I guess a few folks were a little shocked. As an Army brat we lived all over the place. At no time has any adult ever mistreated me. For number 4, the country where we lived the age of consent at that time was 13. For number 5, the age was 14. I think they've since raised them in both countries. I knew full well what was going on and gave my full consent for it. Again, I didn't mean to shock anyone.


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