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1.  For the first time in my 3 year marriage/five year relationship I want to have a hot and steamy affair.  I don't because when I look around I don't see any attractive men.  Maybe I just need a male friend who is kind to me like my husband used to be.

2.  Before I was married I loved sex.  Now I really see it as a chore to shut my husband up.  He has gotten really boring and selfish in bed.

3.  I think the only reason I don't leave (at least long enough to scare him) is because of our toddler whom I need as much as she needs me.  She is my true reason for breathing.  I couldn't bear being away from her when she went to visit him.

4.  My father in law is the biggest cocksucking scumbag around and I have panic attacks when I see my husband resemble his personality in the least.  He claims he will never turn into him but I don't think that's the truth and that scares the shit out of me.

5.  I am clearly ticked off at my husband and by the time this is published I hopefully be back to loving him again.  I just need to start sticking up for myself more and letting him know he will not get away with treating me with any less respect than I deserve.

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