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Don't let one speak for all

Really, really fat people disgust me.  When they make excuses for being fat it infuriates me and I don't buy it.   When I have an extra 5 to 10 pounds on me, I can at least admit that it's because my fat ass has eaten way too much fast food, not because of a bum tyroid or whatever bullshit.

I love my husband and kid mainly because they make me laugh and happy the way no one else can.  My husband and I do fight and it does get hairy,  but at the end of it all I will stay with him and stick out the hard times because I know I've got it better than most.  My little girl lights up my life and is so sweet and funny.

Most men are disgusting pigs by nature and women in general are a bunch of insecure sluts.  When people get on here and talk about their "sex addiction" (yeah, right) it just makes me cringe and most of the time I think they are lying to cover up their boring and pathetic lives.  I hope I have the courage to teach my girl that most people are full of it and how she can seek out those worthy of her time and attention.

I love my mom and dad probably more than most 29 year olds.  They are my best friends outside of my own little family.  I am not ashamed at all.  They are fun, cool, and youthful for being in their mid-50s.  They are the most unselfish people I know and love my girl and my niece as their own without any hesitation.  They deserve everything good and I hope they realize this.

I am racist.  It's not because I'm from the South or because I am ineducated (I have a Masters and have lived in all parts of the country).  It's just everytime I have tried to keep an open mind about any particular race it's not long before I'm let down by one of them.  This even goes for members of my own White race!  In fact on my "scale" of races that I dislike to like ( in general of course) I put my race as being disliked over Hispanics as I usually like most Hispanics that I meet and usually just see them as hard working and polite.  Arabs are my least favorite.  I have never and I mean never have met one that I liked.  I have even tried to befriend them and it has always ended up badly with the men being complete sexist dicks or the women being too bitchy.  I often wonder how to not pass this on to my daughter (because I really really don't want to) and yet let her know that she shouldn't be naive about some people.    

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  1. You spelt uneducated wrong so therefor, you are uneducated!


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