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Forbidden Fruit

1. Every time I see my co-worker my heart beat rises, I can't help but feel a mixture of feelings I can't quite explain.
2. If I could I would do him at our work place.
3. On my free time, I more than likely think of things I would do to him. I know it's not lust, because i'd be more than happy to just be in his's not obsession because I know I can live with out just feels like he should be mine because I know I can give him my heart, mind, and soul with no problem.. now if he would stop going back to his stupid girlfriend, he would be my king and I would be all his.
4. I've wondered what it would feel like to kiss a girl.. it would have to be a hot girl though.
5. I love foreplay before sex and i wish I could have one last night with him..

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