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FYI: "fucked in the head" is the technical term

1. I read posts on here daily! And it either makes me extremly horny OR exceptionally thankful I'm not fucked in the head like other people are. I mean when a person wants to have sex with a family member, any therapist will tell you that you SERIOUSLY are fucked in the head.
2. I hate all races. Including my own. Its prejudice when you don't like a race because you don't really know that race. Its racism when you experience the culture AND you still don't like it. I'm a fucking racist.
3. I live the dream. I'm a hot ass Vietnamese woman (with HUGE tits- I'm talking solid D's baby!), I PAID my house off at 27, have a fantastic job, great car, good relationship, nice crap, etc. Honestly I found the recession quite amusing and I have no empathy for all the low life fuckers who were not smart enough to study hard in school and get a REAL job with real security
4. I don't believe in god and have never felt better about myself. Catholics really drive home the guilt, and once I renounced my faith I felt like a weight was lifted off of me. I'm a better person for it too; I give to the humane society each month and I often help the disabled veterans as much as I can.
5. Going back to #2- I don't hate my people as much as the niglets that come in my office. For fucks sake! If you don't want to pay a damn 3 dollar copay to see a doctor, try not spitting out  a litter of little niggers out your twat. And get rid of the damn cadillac so you can  pay your bills while you live in the damn ghetto. But I will say this- I LOVE FUCKING YOUR MEN while you are at home feeding your hoard of monkey children. Xxoo!

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  1. Didn`t realize we were in a recession! I`m suffer from some type of post tramatic stress disorder! Fuck them BASTURDS!(OUR BLACK MEN) I`m not prejudice! And as far as I`m concerned keep the BASTURDS! MAYBE U CAN PAY THE BASTURDS CHILD support! And yea I may live in the ghetto but we also know that when HOT; we can FUCK OURSELVES TO THE TOP! OR RATHER YET WE CAN STILL FROM the POOR AND UNEDUCATED! Its not about being any of the above! Its about making wise decisions, good choices and having the correct direction! Some of use know what we want nd we grab it! The ones that don`t ; HELL JUST STUCK! That's why we have LEADERS & FOLLOWERS!! I`d like to think of myself as a leader! TELL MY BABY DADDY HE IS 15YEARS DELINQUENT IN HIS Beginning & back CHILD SUPPORT PAYMENTS! AND I WILL GET MINE; ONE WAY R THE OTHER! AS FOR THE RECESSION; LIFE STILL GOES ON! AND ME & MY .Hoard of NIGLETS R RIGHT HERE N THE GHETTO! W/OUT THE CADDILLAC! ITs A GAS GUZZLpER!1:)


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