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Friday, April 23, 2010

Last impressions matter too

1. Everyone thinks I am so kind and caring to my patients, but really I have disdain for all of them. I hate their neediness and demands and really couldn't care less.
2. I really really don't enjoy the company of one of my kids.
3. I am glad he cheated so I could feel good about leaving.
4. If he cheated with someone hotter than me instead of an ugly butch fat bitch I wouldn't be so offended. I feel this gives the impression I spent 18 years with someone with low standards.
5. I think I am more intelligent than EVERYONE I know.

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  1. How do u know that she`s a big ole butch? How do u know that she was the only one? U don`t! What u know could be just a cover up for other intentions! U should think outside of the box; bcause u don`t know!


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