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1. I slept with three men (not at the same time around the same time) got pregnant and told one of them he's the dad, not knowing for certain he is, and he never questioned it even though it was a one night stand, my son is named after a different man who's not the father, but the man who thinks he's the dad doesn't know.
2. I am trying to find a sugar daddy because I don't want to work, I'll fuck for a buck, not prostitute just like one old rich Guy.
3. I know I'm pretty, but I hate girls that are better looking because they tend to get shit handed to them and it erks the hell outta me because 9 out of 10 they are fake as hell!
4. I used to cut myself, it didn't hurt sometimes I want to do it again but I don't.
5. My best friend's ex hit on me and I didn't tell her I feel guilty because she lost her virginity to him.

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