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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to wake up the old you

1. i don't like doing anything..but when my friends make plans and move on i get upset.
2. i am still hurt and crazy about about my high school sweetheart, still haven't recovered... still in love. it was 7 years ago.
3. i realized on my 25th birthday that i am balding, still have acne, can't see very well and need to lose 50 pounds. my 54 year old father is in better shape than me.
4. i used to be really confident, a true leader. but after number 1..i have seemed to lose it all.. can't even hold conversations without getting nervous or not having anything to say.
5. after gaining weight my penis size has gotten shorter. used to be 6.5 now its under 6 inches. my two best friends have 8 inch plus  dicks and brag all the time. so do the girls afterwards. i am afraid of hooking up and a girl, afraid they might tell them.

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