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We're just friends

1) i still have a thing for one of my good friends, and wonder how things would work out for us.

2) but i am engaged and planning my wedding for this summer.

3) when i get sad and am driving down the road i imagine just cranking the wheel to the right straight into the ditch or left into on-coming traffic

4) i talk to my good friend (from #1) all the time and ride on the back of his bike all the time but my fiancée doesn't know anything ever almost happened with us

5) I'm scared I'm going to give in to my feelings for him and cheat on my fiancée but really dont want to. but still at same time dont want to have any regrets. i know my fiancée can support me financially with being in the military but my good friend is older and already been married and divorced and back living with his grandma, but is helping her out because she's not doing well.


  1. Do it have no regrets but only if u know u won't b told on lol ...if Ur going to kill Ur self do it in the country don't take Anyone with u please ...

  2. its not that i want to die. i have a thing for pain and jus want to hurt, and have so much pain.


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