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Who can keep a secret?

I'm so fucking horny I can't believe it sometimes I don't know what to do all I think about is sex and fucking fucking fucking fucking I wish a woman would rape me I'm married and still its not enough I want to fuck more pussy than hers I want a fuck buddy on the side.

I've cheated on my wife over 6 times and still can't get enough I fantasize about sex and want more all the time I was so horny one time I tried to rape my dog but come to find out my dick is just entirely too huge.

I know I'm good looking and can get pussy anytime from any woman I see women looking at me and my crotch everyday and I can see they want to fuck me but they all know I'm married and I know I would fuck any of them at anytime if my wife wasn't around.

My wife is going to be gone in a couple of months for the rest of the year and I know I'm going to cheat on her again many more times, sometimes I find my self wanting to go out and rape a good looking girl but I know there is no need for it.

I find myself fantisizing about fucking my wife's younger sisters of 13 and 16 but I'm 23 now, they want to fuck me I know they do cuz they slap my ass and flirt with me all the time every time they see me, and I'm probably going to anyway I just want to fuck and can't get it out of my head, if you ladies are ever in the southeast Kansas area and want to fuck or feel like raping or roughing up some dude just let me know or comment this post and I will tell you where to meet me and I will be more than happy to fuck your fucking brains out just keep it a secret OK.


  1. To bad I'm in Tenn.or we could hook up.

  2. Time and place you horny bitches, ill meet you in Pittsburg,KS due to stalkers and shit I wont tell you where I really live. Just name the time and place

  3. You're fucking stupid ken. Really u thought I wouldn't find it.

  4. Well, this is his wife, and you are a sick fucking individual, Kenneth. I can't believe after all the times you beat me, and cheated on me (which you admit in this blog!), and I stayed with you and tried to work it out, you would say something like that. I am going to basic training to support you and our daughter and you PLAN to hurt me like that? After preaching to me about how you've changed? This isn't the first time you've written shit like this. And obviously, once a cheater, always a cheater. But, since you won't be married for much longer, guess anyone can meet you in Pittsburg and you can give them Hepatitis B and Genital Warts, because you know you have it and don't like to use condoms. Except for with the DOG. Ew. Bet you didn't mention the std you gave me is the reason you haven't been getting as much sex bc its doctors orders. But, go live ur porno bachelor life. Without me or your daughter.

  5. U should have left him a long time ago! And I used a condom with the basturd! Are u sure that was me that he had pictures of! We need to talk! I hear people talking about the pictures; but I can`t find them! I will not be to kansas for no freaky shit; I will be ther! Tell him to name the place nd time! No, tell his ass to come back to DALL AS! U know I have a look alike! Right! And someone has stolen my identity too! Check her out MZ BROWNIE@myspace!! She`s just as sexy! It`s more than one me too!


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