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Hi All --

It's been a while since I've put up a non-secret post, so now is as good a time as any! First, I got this in the submission box today:

"Ive got one secret.......
***I've always wanted to know what the adminz 5 secrets were***"

I've actually been expecting to get this request for a long time. When I show the site to people I know in real life, I get all kinds of reactions, but one of the most common is the question, "Have you ever submitted?"

The answer to that question is.... it's a secret! Any of you who wanted to know who I am could find out with relative ease. I don't broadcast my real-life identity, but I don't really go to any special trouble to hide it either. Five Secrets is an anonymous forum, and I want my secrets to be just as anonymous as everyone else's. So if you want to know my secrets, just read the site -- any one of them could be mine.

Second, I know it's been eternity since I announced the new app was in production, and no, it's still not ready. However, a big part of the reason it's not ready is that it is going to be even cooler than I originally hoped. In addition to allowing access for all the secrets instead of only the most recent 20, it will allow users to browse secrets according to category, and best of all, to search for specific secrets. I know it's taking a long time but we're just a couple of schmucks working day jobs and as a result, things don't move as quickly as we would like. Such is life!

If you want better apps or sexier merch or a nicer discussion forum or better facebook/twitter posts, support the site by telling your friends and hopefully some day Five Secrets will be big enough that I'm working on it full time and putting actual money into developing it instead of bootstrapping. But hey, it's not bad for a bootstrap or you wouldn't be reading this :)

And now back to your regularly scheduled secrets....

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