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And now for something completely different

1) I get really tired of reading the same old “I am so horny; I think I’m a sex addict” secrets on here. Give me a break. Sex is entirely overrated. I could live the rest of my life without having sex and not regret it.
2) I am a crummy housekeeper. I hate any and all domestic tasks. I don’t cook, I hate to clean, and I generally suck at being a good wife.
3) I am pagan; specifically an Irish Druid. I do not worship Satan and I do not believe in hell. Before folks pass judgment on pagans, they should educate themselves. Read a fucking book, morons.
4) I was raised as a Methodist and always questioned the absurdity of organized religion. Religion is all about fear, judgment, and unhappiness. If people were simply spiritually enlightened, things would be so much simpler—cut all the religious bullshit out of it.
5) If I never had to get dressed again I would be happy. I hate wearing clothes and shoes. I need to live in a shack in the woods or something—the flora and fauna wouldn’t mind me in my birthday suit.

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