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Boss from hell

i work at a well known establishment. i have been there for 8 years,the first 6 years were great i grew and learned alot. 2 years ago i got promoted to management. At first it was great, i moved to a new location, got a nice raise,etc.etc. 4 months later the thrill wore off and it has become a place that i  do not wish to be...
1. my boss has made several sexual advances, not only to me but also to a young man that also works there.
2. he is very "slap happy" he has slapped me so hard on my arms leaving me w/ bruises. when i have asked him to STOP! he says its all fun and games. in reality if you cross or challenge him he retaliates with your schedule, cutting your hours.
3. i dont know why he feels so comfortable with me to talk about his sex life, it is disgusting. he talks about raping other men, giving it to them in the ass(according to him this is very pleasurable for both involved) he tells me if i ever tell he will deny it and say i am crazy...he will have me removed.
4. sometimes i take a couple of shots of vodka before i go to work, it helps to take the edge off. febraury he told me that if i would give him and his boyfreind (yes boyfreind!) a blow job that he would make sure that i would move up and excel to great heights with in the company. i told him "yea right!" and that he was making me feel uncomfortable. he asked if i wanted to transfer cause "obviously u r not a team player." i said yes. later that evening i went to call H.R. to report all that i have endured the past 2 years, to my surprise he had called earlier that day saying i was harassing i am under going an investigation,,,w.t.f. and how the hell does that work??


  1. Don't cave in, you now have to fallow thru your at a pivotal point, if you fail to purse it all this can a open door for your boss to fall on your lap and craete a open door for your boss to continue with his harassment, this is the same thing that's happening with my girlfriend. So what you do is buy a note book and log down to the best of your regulation situation day and time and topic and don't back down because he will ride you until you quite........or give in to his request....

  2. To the original poster --

    I received your update and I'm glad to hear of your good fortune. If you'd like your submission added to the comments (and therefore made public to your FS cohorts), drop me another submission & include a detail from your original update so I know it's really you & not just a curious FS fan. In any case, you're welcome for posting your secrets & good luck!


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