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Cats are good listeners

5.  I'm a guy and in hindsight consider myself raped at 13 by my 30 female cousin and still blame my attraction to older women on it. I'm 24 my gf is 40.
4. I am very attractive and intelligent and present a very nice charming persona but in reality consider myself a very dangerous psychotic narcissus... bla bla bla I hurt people I pay for bad things to happen I am only nice to people if I control them otherwise I scare them.
3. I hunt child molestors for my own keen sense of karma or redemption whatever.
2. I'm obsessed with the joker and harley quinn. And have crafted my life around it.
1. I have absolutely no trust in women and prefer to be a girls pimp/mentor than waste my time giving my heart away again to an immature girl which I Think age is irrelevant. I love my cats so much I talk to them.

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  1. I enjoyed this posting. A few facets Remind me of someone I know.


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