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Crack is not good for your love life

1. I am in love with a crackhead. I know that I need to move on from him because all he's going to do is drag me down.
2. Even though I've sent him to jail twice now and have a no contact order against him until 2099, I still see and talk to him and even take him on dope deals and no one around me knows.
3. I am a daily pot smoker. Its the only drug I have ever used. I am constantly closer & closer to wanting to try crack just to get my ex to notice or pay attention to me, but I know that it would only fuck my life up even more, and I don't want to become the evil person he becomes when he's on it.
4. I feel like I've been robbed by drugs because my ex wasn't always like this, but I feel guilty about saying that because I am addicted to weed. It keeps me together & sane.
5. I wanna be with another female so bad. Just like a one night stand kind of thing. The thought of another girl going down on me turns me on.

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