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Creative capitalization

(1.)I stripped for a week to make 2000dollars because I had no job and needed the money
(2.)I slept with a guy multiple times for 500 dollars or better each time
(3.)I also slept with this white guy twice 300 dollars each time
(4.)I got really dunk one night when I was a bartender and let the one guy that way a regular take me home and fuck me I pretended to be really drunk when secretly I wasn't all that dunk I wanted him to fuck my brains out he was older so I figured he would HAVE experience
(5.)my ex thinks his Dick is the only one I sucked he was the first but not the only I sucked on other persons Dick and I loved it I WOULD actually let this guy fuck my mouth and I loved it my PUSSY would get so wet and just thinking about his Dick in my mouth made me so horny I just didn't care to sick my ex cause he always tasted salty and besides the other guy would eat my PUSSY so good and he would make me cum over and over again sometimes he would suck my PUSSY until it was sore so I had to return the favor god I miss sucking his Dick

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