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Dominated love slave

1. I have an incredibly beautiful but very dominant girlfriend. Whilst she watches her daily soaps on TV, she makes me kneel on the floor and lick her bare feet. I'm not allowed to stop until they have finished.

2. She makes me perform all the household chores. If they are not done to her satisfaction, I am punished in a variety of ways. Usually, she makes me wear her used, dirty knickers on my face. She once got so angry at me, she left a used sanitary towel inside one.

3. She has sexual relations with other men, as she says that I cannot sexually satisfy her. Once she has performed the act with another man, I am made to kneel on the floor in front of him and I have to thank him and tell him how grateful I am, sometimes even kissing his feet in gratitude. I am then usually made to suck on their used condom.

4. My girlfriend has thrown away all of my male underwear and replaced them with frilly knickers, so that I always have to wear women's underwear. Whilst I'm in the house, I am always made to wear a skirt to destroy my masculinity. I do get some funny looks when her friends come around to visit.

5. My girlfriend will never miss a single opportunity to humiliate and degrade me. One thing she absolutely enjoys is making me smell and lick her ass. She will sometimes sit on my face with no knickers on and she will not get off until I have licked to her satisfaction. Oh and by the way, she made me send in these secrets because she wants the world to know that certain grovelling, snivelling, worthless men like myself deserve nothing less than to be completely humiliated and abased such as myself.                        

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